Hidden treasures of Daikanyama: Mocha Coffee.

14 Oct
Yemen Mocha. Daikanyama

Yemen Mocha. Daikanyama

Branded takeout cups of coffee is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city lifestyle. There is a sort of metro chic in strolling the central street while sipping your  coffee to go.

Typical hustle and bustle  in the metropolis. Crazy rush of everyday life, to slow down means to fall behind schedule, fashion, social life…so we have a lot of things “to go” Speed creates promiscuity, so coffee becomes just a kick-start in the morning and fuel to take you through the day, for this purpose anything coming out of a coffee machine would do as long as it gives a buzz or makes a nice excuse for a break. Of course some people are pickier than others but at the end of the day…

Where are those precious self-indulgent moments of savoring the aroma and flavor of properly roasted and brewed coffee? How about appreciation of a process, not a “rush” coming with caffeine in your bloodstream?

This weekend I had a slow afternoon in Daikanyama, where I was lucky to discover another of its hidden treasures “Mocha Coffee”, an original Yemen coffee shop. It was very educational as well as stimulating, I am talking about my taste buds.   I learned that mocha is not only a variation of latte, but also a type of coffee bean which comes from Yemen and Ethiopia and had the best cup of coffee in months on a green and cozy terrace.

 Quite a distance these beans have to cover to get to Tokyo, ha! Oh, the fruits of globalization!

 The owner of the shop, who comes from Yemen, was kind enough to tell the story behind each bean variety the shop carries, so I could make my pick knowingly. I was pleased to learn that he personally traveled around the country and met the farmers to select the best it has to offer coffee wise. It creates a nice exclusive feeling in addition to the savory, smooth taste. One of the first things that put me in the right mood for enjoying the slow side of life was a wonderful rich aroma of medium roasted coffee beans as opposed to bitter, burnt smell stinging the nostrils every time I step in one of Tokyo chain coffee shops.  Don’t get me wrong I still have a cup of Starbucks every now and then. Paper cups have this strange effect on me as well, plus you can’t swing a dead cat in Tokyo without hitting a Starbucks.  However for a more refined & sophisticated coffee experience I  go to places like Mocha Coffee.  They have come nice cakes too : ))) I highly recommend carrot cake and spice cake. As for the sorts of coffee Ismaili and Jamal are my favorites.

So if you happen to be in Daikanyama look out for this sign…


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